First successful deployment of the Hydroid Seaglider!

The Seaglider® funded by UTAS and managed by CSIRO was successfully deployed during the SWOT voyage in the Southern Ocean. The Seaglider® is an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) used to collect ocean data in remote locations, even under sea ice, safely and at low-cost relative to ship-based observations. These small AUVs can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors to monitor ocean temperature, salinity, and other environmental conditions. The wealth of new data collected in the field by this small AUV will create a more complete picture of Southern Ocean conditions, by overcoming its perennial under sampling. A team of six early career researchers, technical officers and senior scientists from UTAS and CSIRO were trained to operate the AUV (picture), therefore ensuring career development opportunities as remote technologies are becoming an essential tool of modern oceanography. The Seaglider® will be deployed again in the field during upcoming marine campaigns.

picture from Laura Herraiz-Borreguero, May 2023
03_Planning biodiversity survey locations using seafloor mapping on board RV Investigator_Credit CSIRO-Frederique Olivier

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