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Antarctic conference report

Future of the work and workforces in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean

On Antarctica Day 2022 the one-day Future of Work and Workforces in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean conference held in Hobart explored potential futures for the science, research, engineering, tourism, policy and artistic work conducted in, or related to, the Antarctic and Southern Ocean, and the workforces that do that work. Developed collaboratively by the CAST People program (program 2) and the University of Tasmania’s Future Polar Workforce initiative, the conference generated new insights and ‘future thinking’ from presentations by CAST members, academics, and representatives from industry and government representatives and interactive workshops discussions. This report details the insights about key issues, factors, challenges, and opportunities for the future that resulted. Full citation: Woods, M, Nielsen, H. and Forrest, N. 2023. Future of work and workforces in the Antarctic and Southern Ocean: Conference report, Antarctica Day 1 December 2022. Hobart: University of Tasmania

03_Planning biodiversity survey locations using seafloor mapping on board RV Investigator_Credit CSIRO-Frederique Olivier

CAST Newsletter – 2023 in review

The latest CAST Newsletter is an update on what has been occurring in recent months. We hope you enjoy it....

Southern Ocean science at the speed of light 

Deep ocean systems on board Australia’s new icebreaker, RSV Nuyina, are enhanced with data transfer speeds up to 120 times faster...

First successful deployment of the Hydroid Seaglider!

The Seaglider® funded by UTAS and managed by CSIRO was successfully deployed during the SWOT voyage in the Southern Ocean....
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